The exhibition UNWORLDLY is a post-apocalyptic world where experimental materials, dark fantasies, raging forms, cyber-punk and longing for the universe and eternal life meet.

Twelve students from the Estonian Academy of Arts combined with two intense weeks at school sleeplessly writhing amongst hundreds of meters of plastic pipes and waste — this is how robust and stubborn raw materials metamorphosed into graceful and utopical fashion creations that test the boundaries and warps standard. These other-worldly forms came to life under the direction of the renowned fashion designer Liisi Eesmaa during a course on experimantal forms and shapes.

Great thanks to young fashion designers: Karolina Janulevičiūtė, Mari-Ly Kapp, Kertu Kivisik, Kaia Kuusmann, Renata Lensment, Sandra Luks, Sirli Pohlak, Pamela Põld, Kerttu Reinmaa, Eliise Saar, Elisabetta Silvestri, Aleksandra Tšusovljanova MUA: Nele Pandis Model: Erika-Annely Fenenko

Exhibition @ Tallinn TV Tower / Published as a cover of SLACKER Magazine